WELCOME TO MVP MEDIATION, LLC – the Los Angeles-based mediation firm of attorney-mediator Michelle V. Paul. Michelle has worked as a mediator, litigator, and transactional attorney in hundreds of legal matters during her career and brings this wealth of experience to MVP Mediation. Michelle is highly committed to bringing mediation to the forefront of the legal arena because she believes that both parties ultimately save themselves an incredible amount of time, money, and heartache by avoiding litigation and the eventual trial. Instead of the parties taking the risk of leaving their fates in the hands of a judge, jury, or arbitrator, mediation enables the parties to each have their day to be heard, yet still retain the ultimate decision-making authority.
Having practiced law in three jurisdictions as well as federal court, Michelle has the proven ability and sophistication to mediate a wide range of disputes, however she generally focuses her mediation practice on family, personal injury, property, and contract law matters. Michelle is known for her straightforward yet empathetic style, her original insights, her enthusiasm, and her genuine care for the cases in which she becomes involved. Michelle serves individuals and businesses with effective, tailored, and results-oriented mediation, and is wholly committed to resolving conflict in as painless a fashion as possible.

If you want a no-nonsense, responsive mediator who is up to the task of helping you obtain a speedy, fair, and practical resolution to your conflict, Michelle Paul is the right person for you." 

Hon. Daniel H. Weinstein (Ret.), Mediator 

Founder of JAMS and Weinstein International Foundation



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