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Michelle Paul has worked with me as assistant mediator since 2017 in a series of complex litigation cases with a broad range of practice areas and subject matter.  Most cases have many millions of dollars – along with important nonmonetary issues – at stake.  These cases all involve high profile companies, prominent figures, and the nation’s premiere litigators and specialists.  Michelle is comfortable and natural in any room and remains unflappable in the most chaotic of circumstances.  She has all the qualities of an outstanding mediator: an unbiased, quick grasp of the important legal and factual issues, keen analytical abilities, the ability to listen, firmness coupled with bountiful empathy, great tenacity, and conscientious follow through.  Michelle is highly intelligent, personable, and brings a wealth of practical experience to the mediation table. If you want a no-nonsense, responsive mediator who is up to the task of helping you obtain a speedy, fair, and practical resolution to your conflict, Michelle Paul is the right person for you.  

Hon. Daniel H. Weinstein (Ret.), Mediator, Los Angeles, CA 

Founder of JAMS and Weinstein International Foundation

Ms. Paul has the perfect combination of skills, experience and demeanor to effectively mediate all sorts of matters, and drive real value to parties in dispute.  She gets quickly to the heart of the matter in controversy and deftly frames the issues for constructive negotiations and resolution.

Joseph C., New York, New York

Corporate Attorney

Michelle's skills as a mediator are outstanding. Her experience and knowledge give her a unique ability to effectively communicate the strengths and weaknesses in a party’s position so that a matter can be resolved fairly and amicably. She communicates eloquently and with a likable disposition.  She researches the matters thoroughly so that she has a firm understanding of the issues before the process begins.  Her unwavering commitment to helping the parties resolve their differences sets the table for a ‘win-win’ outcome.  There is no better ambassador for the value of mediation than Michelle. I highly recommend her mediation services.

Rob C. Masri, Esq., Charlottesville, VA

CEO and President, Sportlife

I am a lawyer who has been in civil trial practice since 1984.  Michelle Paul is a bright, conscientious, hardworking lawyer who cares about the people who put their trust in her.  She is a talented lawyer with superb instincts.  She is a problem solver who often brings a perspective that is unique and insightful.  I would absolutely highly recommend her as a lawyer and a mediator.

Thomas R., McLean, VA

Litigation Attorney

I am an attorney who worked side-by-side with Michelle Paul for almost five years when she was an attorney at my Los Angeles law firm.  I have been consistently impressed by her sound legal mind, her strong character, and her passion -- as well as her great compassion.  This combination of qualities is rare in this field and I felt very lucky to have her on my team.  I admire Michelle's tenacity and fearlessness in the courtroom, but believe she makes an equally excellent mediator due to her genuine desire for all parties to reach a fair and satisfying resolution without the stress, heartache, risk, and cost of protracted litigation.  She is fair, honest, loyal to her morals, of high integrity at all times, and very kind.  My firm benefited greatly from her many contributions, and the clients, my staff and I unanimously enjoyed her candor, sense of humor, and fun personality.  All who interact with Michelle immediately realize that she is highly intelligent, a creative problem solver, and someone with a completely unique and fresh outlook. She is persistent, extremely hardworking, and will no doubt go the extra mile to help the parties in a mediation move forward in a way that they may not have before imagined to be possible.  I highly recommend Michelle as a mediator!  

Jill L. Ryther, Los Angeles, CA

Litigation Attorney

Ryther Law Group and EARN

During the time that Michelle Paul worked for me as an associate in our family law firm, she impressed me with her intelligence, conversation skills, and enthusiastic attitude.  She came in early, stayed late, worked on weekends, and did whatever she needed to do to get the job done.  She was very dedicated to the firm and its clients and we enjoyed her time with us.  Michelle got along well with everyone and understands different points of view.  Her life experiences outside of the legal profession helped her in relating to our clients.  One of Michelle’s strengths was her ability to work diligently to try to resolve cases in a peaceful and reasonable way.  Michelle is thoughtful, genuine, empathetic, and a pleasure to work with.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as your mediator – Michelle will bring all of her legal, professional, and personal skills to the table and will work hard to achieve a favorable outcome for all parties.    

Dennis M. Hottell, Fairfax, VA

Family Law Litigator

Michelle and I worked together closely in a family law litigation firm in which I was a partner.  The firm placed an emphasis on high conflict child custody matters.  It was imperative that Michelle show empathy for our clients’ difficult situations, yet help them stay focused on how not to unwittingly allow their actions to contribute to the conflict and/or negatively impact their children.  Even in these very delicate situations, Michelle was able to quickly gain the trust of her clients as she guided them through this harrowing and emotional process.  Michelle is very bright, has high analytical skills, and combines her sharp intellect with an excellent work ethic.  She also possesses a cheerful disposition which puts those around her at ease.  For all of these reasons, I would highly recommend her as your mediator.

Christopher Malinowski, Esq., Fairfax, VA

Family Law Litigator

Michelle is a brilliant, talented professional who consistently demonstrates her dedication and commitment to her clients.  I worked with Michelle Paul for years at a family law firm and, from day one, her kind, generous, and warm-hearted approach toward our family law clients was unparalleled.  Michelle worked diligently to ensure that her clients were in the best possible position emotionally, mentally, and financially throughout the divorce process. Michelle encouraged communication at the onset of cases with opposing counsel to avoid having her clients having to endure the stress of going to court.  Her extraordinary and individualized service encourages harmony between all parties.  Michelle’s optimistic and strategic approach to fostering peaceful relations and her creative solutions to challenging problems is a winning combination.  She is known for consistently achieving positive results for her clients and resolving legal issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Her care for her clients shows in all that she does.  I cannot speak highly enough of Michelle’s character, abilities, and level of professionalism and highly recommend her as a mediator. 

Jennifer Kubal, Fairfax, VA 

Director of Business Development for a technology firm

I worked alongside Michelle Paul for four years when we were attorneys working at the same law firm.  We worked closely on several cases together and I regularly witnessed her interactions with numerous clients, colleagues, and opposing counsel. Michelle is simply a great problem-solver.  She thinks critically about the issues and assesses matters from all angles. Furthermore, she is a great listener and genuinely cares about the people with whom she works.  I would recommend Michelle as a mediator for any kind of dispute.

Rachel A., Alexandria, VA


Words cannot express our appreciation for Michelle Paul’s assistance with rescuing Tomas, a retired racehorse. Tomas’s owner died without a will and Tomas was abandoned. Unpaid bills were accumulating to an amount that would become more than the value of the horse. Prior to the legal representation of Michelle Paul, Tomas was at very high risk of being sent to auction.  She worked around the clock to expedite Tomas’s case so that we could move him to the safety of a foster home in Arizona. We literally received e-mails from her in the early morning (before 8 am) and late at night (sometimes after midnight)!  Ixtla Marino has provided a wonderful foster home for Tomas for the past several months. Tomas sustained injuries during his long and successful career as a racehorse that prevented him from having a second career as a performance horse. We are very excited that Tomas has been accepted for permanent retirement at Humanity for Horses:

Amy M. Coburn, DVM, MS, Los Angeles, CA



Aileen Valentine, Thousand Oaks, CA

Officer at Retired Racehorse Retraining, Inc.

It was a pleasure and honor to work with her during a very difficult time in my life. She helped to make my and my husband’s divorce a peaceful parting and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Paul to anyone looking to work with someone who is fair, honest, caring, and truly has your best interest at heart.  Michelle is brilliant and saved us a lot of money as our mediator – a problematic divorce would have been a costly, time-consuming headache. The experience of working with Michelle was positive in every manner possible.  I have the utmost respect for Michelle. 

K.C., Los Angeles, CA 

Director of Events at a Fortune 500 company

I hired Michelle Paul to represent me in a rather nasty divorce. From the start, Michelle was very professional and calmly talked me through each step of the way of this difficult situation. But it was Michelle’s empathy that truly got me through this tough time. She listened patiently and with understanding about my concerns and offered information and advice that helped lower my anxiety. Michelle is definitely an excellent attorney but, more significantly, she is a truly decent, intelligent, and honorable person.

D.T., Palm Springs, CA

Private School Educator

I am an attorney and I own several of my own businesses.  Michelle Paul has been my go-to attorney for every conceivable difficulty that has arisen in my life for more than a decade.  It is impossible to know where to start, but she has advised me on and/or written most, if not all, contracts I have entered into, handled delicate issues between private school administration and my children, advised me on and created agreements pertaining to my children (support, custody, visitation, and international travel with my ex-husband’s relatives), advised me on how to approach the resolution of issues with my employees, and she has always been there for general advice in day-to-day matters.  I trust Michelle’s judgment because she’s logical, reasonable, highly analytical and, most of all, really cares. Michelle can always be trusted to analyze a complex problem and come up with a solution that is fair and efficient.

S.K., New York, NY

Litigation Attorney and Entrepreneur

Michelle Paul is an all-around wonderful attorney and advisor who has helped me in so many different ways over the last several years.  Michelle has a vast array of knowledge that spans all areas of the law.  She has advised me on family law matters, business issues and disputes, trust agreements, gifting law, and she has assisted me with various application processes that resulted in extremely successful outcomes for me.  No matter what the issue or situation, Michelle is always a master of how the law can protect me.  I trust both her and her judgment.

J.A.D., Beverly Hills, CA

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

I have known Michelle Paul for her entire professional life and she has saved me a fortune in time and headaches alone. (Thanks Michelle!)  Her unique balance of experience and knowledge make her the obvious choice if you are seeking resolution to your issues.  Few others, in my opinion, possess the patience and subtle persuasion required to mediate when stakes are high and resolution seems unlikely.  It’s her uncanny ability to make all parties feel heard and understood that sets her apart and leads to her high percentage of swift resolutions.  Compromise can be difficult to attain so give yourself the best opportunity for success and hire Michelle.

Z.P., Austin, TX

Information Technology and Services Professional

Michelle has been something of a mentor to me for the past ten years. She's incredibly fair and honest and always cuts to the point. She consistently is able to provide a 360° view of the situation at hand and weighs in from a levelheaded perspective. She thrives at weighing the pros and cons of every scenario and is able to give impartial advice based on what is needed. Michelle is an incredible lawyer and mediator.

Lindsay K. Kresch, Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay Kresch International

I have known Ms. Paul in both professional and personal capacities for several years and, during that time, I have sought her help with family law issues, employment issues, and business development for my small business.  She has an ambitious, lively and charismatic personality and is always eager to help me resolve my issues swiftly.  She possesses great writing skills, has a well-rounded database of knowledge, and has forged many connections across many industries.  She is also a loyal, nice person which makes her enjoyable to work with.  I would recommend her as a lawyer and mediator because she will get the job done.

J.M., Los Angeles, CA


Michelle Paul has regularly advised me as to my various legal affairs over the course of the last several years.  I have come to her primarily with business/employee/contract issues and a personal injury matter. I highly recommend her as a mediator because she has proven herself to be very diplomatic and fair.  She listens to you in a way that makes you feel as if you are being heard yet not judged.  She is passionate in what she does and in the things in which she believes.  She cares about others and helps in any way she can.   She also has these traits (which can be rare in Los Angeles): reliability, dependability, and punctuality -- she is great with following through and following up.  Her way is impeccable.  She is someone you want on your side.    

A.S., Brentwood, CA 


With an extensive legal career in three states, Michelle's diverse background, along with her ability to effectively manage contentious situations with diplomacy and grace, make her a leading mediator. Patience, persistence, and results -- Michelle Paul delivers on all accounts. Clients in her capable hands can expect dedication to their mediation needs, in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.  Blending a unique mix of analytical skills and tenacity, Michelle Paul's effective and comprehensive approach to conflict resolution through mediation is unmatched.

A.R., New York, NY

Real Estate Professional

Michelle Paul has counseled me with numerous legal issues I have faced involving federal criminal matters, licensing board matters, and employment matters.  She has helped me navigate many non-legal aspects of my life as well.  She is diligent and focused in her work and keeps on track to obtain the required result.  She is very knowledgeable when making legal arguments and is able to weigh options to attain the desired goal(s) for multiple parties involved.  She shows great attention to detail, and has patience and perseverance. She is fierce and competitive yet reasonable and compassionate which is an interesting juxtaposition that adds to her appeal.  She is extremely reliable when she makes a commitment and that is a rare quality in this town.  She has connections to a large legal network nationwide and is well-liked. She is a powerful person with yet a great sense of humor.  She has amazing intelligence and is responsible with how she uses it.  She is cultured.  I value and respect her and always know I can count on her.  Michelle is the type of person who “shows up” for you.

ND, Los Angeles, CA

CA Real Estate Agent

Michelle Paul is a lifesaver. After what was supposed to be a routine veterinary procedure, our cat Stevie almost died and required surgery to recover. The vet’s insurance company refused to cover any future medical procedures that Stevie might require as a result of the surgery. We hired Michelle as our legal consultant in negotiating the settlement with the vet’s insurance company. Throughout the process, Michelle advised us on matters ranging from the wording of our communications, to building a persuasive body of evidence, to setting parameters regarding the settlement agreement. Her advice was spot-on every time. She helped us through each step of the lengthy negotiation process which resulted in the vet's insurance company agreeing to pay for any and all follow-up procedures that Stevie might require. The final settlement agreement ended up providing Stevie with more protection than we had initially even sought! Our situation with Stevie was incredibly stressful and we find negotiating stressful in general, so having Michelle as our legal consultant was invaluable even on a purely emotional level. We felt strongly that Michelle had all of the skills and knowledge that we needed to do the right thing for Stevie. Furthermore, we appreciated her kindness, encouragement, and integrity throughout the process. We enthusiastically recommend that anybody work with her. We will definitely contact her again if we need any assistance with mediation (which hopefully we won't!). 

BS, Los Angeles, CA


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